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About Becca Kraft

As a real estate professional, Becca Kraft brings excitement, honesty, and integrity to everything she does. Her drive, responsiveness to all of her client’s requests, and attention to detail make her a leader within her neighborhood. Her knowledge and love for the San Antonio area continues to grow, and she thrives when she can put her willingness to good use in helping her clients find neighborhoods and homes that fit their lifestyle. Becca is a master at showing new residents as well as San Antonio natives new places that will make them fall in love with the area all over again. With the same commitment and initiative she brings into her day-to-day life, Becca brings that tenacity to her community involvement. Those that know her well say that she has a big heart, and it’s something that can be seen from her work on the executive board of the PTA at her children's school. Hire Becca Kraft and reap the rewards of going on an exciting adventure with a knowledgeable and kind navigator. The road ahead is sure to be a smooth journey with Becca by your side!